Keystone Field Solutions provides a variety of services to coordinate the support function of performing and non-performing loans. Keystone delivers support services that may provide an operational lift and performance excellence for its clients.

With a proven process, coupled with a vendor panel of proven real estate professionals and our proprietary technology platform, we offer a scalable outsourcing platform that provides back up support to lenders, servicers, investors and government financial institutions to help reduce operating costs  and operational and reputational risks. 

Property Preservation & Field Services

Property Inspections

- Property Condition and Foreclosure Inspections

Due Diligence Inspections

- Occupancy Inspections and Sale Date Inspections

Property Photography

- REO Check and Insurance Loss and General Insurance Inspections

Property Condition Reports

- Disaster Inspections and QC Compliance Inspections

Construction Inspections

- Residential & Commercial Construction Inspections and Manufactured Housing Inspections

Business Verification Inspections

- Origination and Bankruptcy Inspections

Rush Inspections

Same Day and 12-24 Hour Inspections Available

Keystone Field Solutions 

The bottom line on investments is return. At Keystone, we understand the value of due diligence and how to manage time and assignments for maximum return. Our experience assessing and inspecting assets makes us uniquely qualified to assess risk, mitigate exposure, control costs and maximize the value of a property. Regardless of assignment, Keystone Field Solutions can provide the solutions you need to achieve your targets. From inspections to light property maintenance and repair, we offer services that can be tailored to fill operational gaps and provide expertise that will allow you to advance your decision making process. Let us show you how outsourcing to Keystone can make your decisions much easier.
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